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Accelerate by BMC is a premium research tool that keeps ambitious startups up to date with the latest industry trends & insights.

What is the problem? 

Industries are constantly being disrupted and changing at such a fast rate. 

However, the vast majority of companies do not have the resources or knowledge to keep up with the latest trends and implement the wide variety of tools available to accelerate the growth of their business. 

This increases the risk of these businesses falling behind or even going out of business. 

Introducing Accelerate...

Accelerate has been created to ensure that all entrepreneurs and startups have their finger on the pulse with the latest trends and insights.

Our team of analysts spend hours analysing the latest trends across all industries and curate the data into easily consumed insights reports. 

For over 20 years we have helped companies of all sizes remain relevant and innovate new products/systems.

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INSIGHTS REPORT Our team of analysts will provide weekly in-depth analysis on the latest business trends and insights. 

ACTIONABLE TOOLKITS We will provide practical, step by step,  toolkits for your company to implement. 

VENTURE NEWS  We send a Weekly Pulse of the latest startup news from around the world.  Our analysts will provide analysis on these headlines and draw the key conclusions for your business.  

STARTUP SCOUT Every week our team will review a number of startups/businesses and provide insight into their business model's to help you keep your finger on the pulse with the latest industry innovations. 


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IoT/ VR/ AR/ AI/ Blockchain
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