Drive performance with our customised digital training programmes 

Transform your workforce with intensive digital training and high quality assessments

the skills required to thrive in business are changing at a rapid pace. 

equip your staff with the digital skills to accelerate the growth of your business.

1) Build on-boarding programmes to ensure new staff are equipped for the job. 

2) Train teams in sales, leadership & digital marketing.

3) Benchmark the performance of your team with our tailored assessments. 


Educate your team with the latest research, trends & knowledge to ensure they are always at the top of their game. 

Areas we cover: 

Digital sales 

Digital marketing 

Digital transformation


Benchmark your team’s competencies to guide investments in skill development.

Our in-depth assessments provide you with a thorough analysis into the strengths and weaknesses of every member of your team. 


Successfully onboard new employees and ensure that they are equipped to thrive in their new role. 


Recruit the highest quality digital marketing & sales talent that has gone through our extensive training programme. 

All recruits will complete our module assessments to provide an accurate assessment of the individual.

digital sales






Our offerings (tailored to your business)

Online course material


We provide all members of your team with access to our online course material. 

Course manual 

The course manual supplements the online course material and provides deeper insights into the discussed topics.


At the end of each module there is an assessment testing the student/employee in the topic previously covered. 

These assessments will provide managers with a thorough insight into the strengths & weaknesses of the employees. 

Case studies

We utilise case studies to showcase both positive and negative examples of the topic being taught. 


On-site workshops 

Our team of marketers can also deliver the programme on-site

Our in-person delivery allows greater engagement with employees and also allows our instructors to dive deeper into the latest digital trends and insights. 

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