Introducing a world-class sales training programme for businesses of all sizes 


SalesAccelerate will provide your team with the tools to accelerate the growth of your business. 

All businesses need to generate revenue and sell a product/service.

SalesAccelerate is a bespoke on-site training programme that educates your employees about the role of sales within an organisation and goes on to expand on a consultative selling approach, which is used as the basis for developing and maintaining long-term sales relationships with clients. The programme covers some of the behavioural factors behind successful selling techniques, as well as the planning and control of the sales function. This will involve a number of interactive buyer-seller exercises as a tool to learning.

Our programme is unique as it also incorporates concepts from neuroscience to help understand buyer/seller behaviours and how your team can utilise these behaviours to become more effective in the sales process. 

Sales Accelerate is recognised by CMI (chartered management institute).

The THREE key learning points for all professionals are: 

1) Ability to sell successfully 

2) Building of an effective sales organisation

3) Creating a performance orientated organisation

Who is it for?

Account/BD/Sales executives

Account/BD/Sales managers

Account/BD/Sales directors


Recognised by 


Personal selling skills 

Selling products & services

Presentation skills

Consultative selling process

Negotiation skills

The selling process

Servicing the sale

Sales leadership

Sales planning

Creating a sales organisation

Sales performance analysis

Digital sales

 All programmes are tailored to the goals, performance and resources of your company. 
Our sales trainers will come into your office and work with your sales team to help achieve your goals.
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The framework

Personal selling skills
Sales leadership
Sales strategy & analysis